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10 TechStars Who Ruled The World Without Any College Degree

Company: Apple
School: Reed College
Net worth: $6.5 to 7 billion (as of 2011)

Jobs left Reed College to start Apple in his garage back in 1974. With Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Jobs revolutionized the computer, music, and mobile industries. Jobs’s life was full of up ans downs. He fought himself to climb the ladder of success. Poorly we lost this great personality in 2011.
Jobs never worked for money. He said “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful … that’s what matters to me.”


15 Awesome Christmas Desktop Wallpapers

I seriously love the month of December every year. It means the end of the year but also the start of another year. You can see the people and shopkeepers are busy decorating their places. You can see the people are smiling and discussing different ways to celebrate the Christmas and the New Year. The entire town is fulfilled with the festival mood. It just feels good. So here we bring sweet wallpapers….

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Use the Notepad as your personal diary

I often wondered to make my own digital diary. There is a simple feature in Notepad that can make it work like a personal diary for us. Here is how to go about it:
1.Firstly open a blank Notepad file.
2. Now write .LOG as the first line in the file, then press enter. Now save the file and close it.
3.Open the notepad file now and you will find that the current date and time has been
appended (put) at the end and the cursor is in the next line.
4. Type your notes and then save and close the file.
5. Each time you open the file, Notepad repeats the process,that is it appends the date and time
to the end of the file and places the cursor below it.


Best File Sharing

We all want to share files, photos, videos and other things with our friends. Here I am going to tell you about one of the best file sharing site where you get unlimited upload space, moreover each time someone downloads your uploaded file, you get your piggy bank filled slowly!!! Why to wait, REGISTER NOW

Mobile Bluetooth Hacking

Get pay per click upto $5 per click

Mobile have now become an essential part of our life. each and everyone is having a cellphone. So, here I am going to show you on how one can play plank on his/her friend by entering into others cellphone and getting their personal info.

Following are the thing you can view:

  • Read Messages.
  • Read Contacts.
  • Change Profile.
  • Play Ring-tone even if the phone is silent…

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Track Fake Facebook Accont

Facebook is one of the most famous social networking site with over more than 1 Billion users worldwide. With its popularity rising among the youths, it is also becoming a treat for the humanity. Many false activity or cybercrime are carried out using facebook. It is not difficult to trace an facebook account. You don’t need an professional to get done wor for you. Here I have sketch the process one can follow to get the details i.e location, city, town, etc of the victim. Just follow me.

1. Once you spot your fake facebook account holder, send that person a friend request and include a catchy message that entices the person into accepting your request….

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Essential Shortcuts for Windows 8

Windows 8 came to market as a successor of Windows 7, one of the Microsoft’s most stable operating system. Windows 8 was develop to enhance the touch and type facility of windows. But many of the users on pc, who don’t have the touchscreen facility are unable to enjoy the windows to the fullest. For them here are the most essential shortcuts that one can use instead of a touchscreen. Just try it out the shortcuts and save your time for yourself and enjoy.

  • Windows Key + C: Displays Charms menu…

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First Google Doodle

Google’s famous homepage “Doodles” (the changing Google logo graphics) are well known and enjoyed by millions around the world as a way to mark an event or anniversary. But did you know that the very first Google Doodle was designed as a kind of “out of office” message?

In 1998 Brin and Page took the weekend off to go the Burning Man festival in Nevada. The Burning Man doodle (shown above), was designed by the Google guys and added to the homepage to let their users know they were out of office and couldn’t fix technical issues like a server crash.

Visit: Google Doodle Page