Hacking system with ease and comfort

We often talk about hacking facebook account to know about our boyfriends/girlfriends/enemies etc. But we are unable to do because we don’t know hacking. We search for tricks or tutorial on net but we don’t get. Here is one of the best way that can help you to hack or play with your friends facebook account. Follow the step and enjoy.

1. Go to facebook.com and click on the Forgot your password? button.

2. Search for your friend’s Id by any of the following mean.

3. Confirm your victim and you will be promoted to the following page. Click on No longer have access to these?

4. A page will open asking ‘ How can we reach you?‘ Put any rubbish id and click on Submit.

5. By clicking on the submit button, you will enter in Security Question Page. Facebook allow to input answers just three times. Input anything and click on submit. If your answer is wrong it will ask to input the correct one. Follow same again input rubbish and click submit. After the process has crossed 3 time, it will promote you to the following page.

5. This a new way of recovery on facebook. Click on continue button. You will be Select Friend To Asist You Page 1 (see the following pic). Select the one friends you know and can reach them through phone. Then click one continue button. Similarly select all three friends by clicking on continue button.

6. After you have selected all three friends, you will enter to the following page. Here click on ‘ Send Codes To Friends’.

7. When you will click one the button. codes would be sent to the selected friends through SMS. Later you could contact them and get the codes, input and thus you could change the account password and gain control.
You all will be thinking that friends will spread the news that you have hacked your friends account because they knew the codes. No, you could make fake 3 facebook account send friend request to the victim and while selecting the Friends in the ‘ Select Friends To Asist’ you can choose your fake accounts. You will recieve the sms, input the codes and thus hacked…


Comments on: "Fackbook – Hack facebook in 5 steps" (73)

  1. grt trick man… Worked…… Thnx keep on posting bro…..

  2. Great work…Excellent man…
    I tried it with one of my fake fb id….
    It’s really fantastic and working…
    But I say,
    “Let not fruit of action be the motive of your actions, otherwise you might be disappointed and leve the path of right action.”
    So do it, Tell it…
    But DON’T DO IT…

  3. It is a very good and useful information post. Thanks for sharing this post.


  5. andrie1821 said:

    very good,
    thanks. . . .

  6. as Suleman said >>> it didn’t work with me either ,, can’t get that step in which asks ”how can we reach you”

  7. Muhammad yakoob zardari said:

    some paople comlain me to he was facking id

  8. Doesn’t work,man

  9. tell me guys how its working

  10. dear,

    option. you get a message to recover you account in your email, and when you click and verify, facebook asks to wait for 24 hours to approve changes….

    What is this????

    • Wait for 24 hrs after the last login otherwise you won’t get the ‘RECOVER YOUR ACCOUNT THROUGH FRIENDS’ option. After all Facebook has some security and the trick won’t work always..works most of the time though!

  11. 4 th step me kon c id fill karni hai

  12. admin help meeeee
    if i search frdzzzzzzzzzzz . i cant find that person plz telll me y????

  13. sattisaini4@yahoo.in
    pls hack it
    show me a password pls

  14. i like this

  15. luis mejia said:

    when it put no longer ascces this it does work

  16. its not giving me the next page after entering wrong security answer..i have crosed millions ti,es but still am not geting the next page..

  17. arihant jain said:

    i agree with mani balpran

  18. any one help me pallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz

  19. Can we use this without any type of hesitation

  20. M@njur Ansari you are very intelligent

  21. naveen kumar said:

    its not coming like what u said……..

  22. all rubish.!!!!!!!!.

  23. my id has been hacked 8 times.!!!!!!.

  24. there is no step as discussed in step 4

  25. its nt working after step no. 5

  26. bro, amr phne thake secruty qush 3 rong ta diyasi…. Bt, kaj koi nah… Aki qush bar bar e kore, ar porer step ase nah…

  27. it’s been changed now. Pls help me, my page was stolen and i know that person. I need to hack her fast. 😦

  28. aakash oberoi said:

    hey i clicked “no longer have access to these” but the screen in the next step is not displayed!!!!

  29. muje jiski id hack karni hai uska email nhi malum hai

  30. jab hum no longer to acess these par click krte hai to niche yahoo gmail pr hotmail teen options ate hain

  31. Govind sharma said:

    Sir help me how to hack my frnds id. Without loosing her control. Plz tell me on


  32. please help me to find password my face book friend

  33. its working i just hacked my cousins account but i have to wait 23 hours

  34. My partner and I stumbled over here coming from a different
    website and thought I may as well check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to checking out your web page
    for a second time.

  35. hey man step number 4 is changed

  36. plzz help me with your rply till step 3 it is clear but no page like ”how can we reach you” is occuring as given in step 4

  37. thanx bro its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  38. Its not working in 2013, i had made 3 fake ids and all three ids were accptd by the victim, but during the frnd selection for recovery, these ids don’t appear in list

  39. I LOVE IT! It’s Working!

  40. shahzad aman khan said:

    i feel good when show our some different work

  41. tnx…keep posting BRO

  42. i tried it but it didnt work. i got my self and 2 of my mates to try and hack this blokes account, but when it takes you to the chose 3 trusted friends page, it only lets me pick 1 of us 3, but for the 2nd friend choice , the other 2 of us dont show up in the search result. it doesnt pick out the whole friends list of the victim, only a random selection of their friends. correct me if im wrong?

  43. Hey Joe ! You got astonishing excercises on a Blog . I furthermore used http://facehacktool.blogspot.com/ like you have recommended . It truly worked flabbergasting for me and I was primed to hack my Facebook record . So anyone having an issue with Facebook?? I moreover cheer for a facehacktool.blogspot.com !Great tool that is !

  44. i want hack without any sending code. can u help for this.

  45. hey:- mai sequrity qestion deta hu but wo mangta hi rehjata hai..
    akhir mai bolta hai-try again
    kuch nahi hota hai.

  46. tried it, but it doesnt show my 3 fake account to where the codes will be send?? why is this happening?? what should i do next it only shows some of the friends of the user im trying to hack .. 😥

  47. how to get Answer Your Security Question

  48. i like it

  49. it doesnt work anymore, i used before couple times but Facebook now realized that they are making it easier for hackers to hack so the whole forgot my password system is changed

  50. kajalsingh said:

    its not working

  51. contact me bro ….its my numbr 0034602106065…just text me i wi call u ..please ……..i want to learn something to

  52. Justin Case said:

    Can you make a more updated version of this? I tried it but there was no “How Can We Reach You?” page.

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