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Funny Firefox Tricks

Firefox is one of the best browser. There are many tricks to play with Firefox of which we are know. Here are some of the tricks that you can enjoy with Firefox. Just copy the following addresses and paste them in the address bar and press Enter.

1. This will show you dancing firefox.Your firefox window will automatically popup anywhere at screen.


2. This will open another firefox within in a new tab.So you will have firefox within firefox.


3. This will open firefox options dialog box in new tab.


4. This will open your firefox bookmark manager in new tab.


5. This will open your history in new tab.


6. This will open your extensions tab in your current window .


7. This will Open the “cookies window” inside a tab in the Firefox window.


8. This will Open the “Clear Private Data” window inside the current tab.


9. This will Open the “About Firefox” Dialog box inside the tab.


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