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Display legal notice on startup

Wanna tell your friends about the do’s and dont’s in your computer when they login in your absence. Well you can do it pretty easily by displaying a legal notice at system start up.
Run REGEDIT and navigate to:
“legalnoticecaption”=”enter your notice caption”
“legalnoticetext”=”enter your legal notice text”


Search Through Browsing History Easier in Chrome

Are you looking for an easier way to search through your browsing history? Then you may want to have a look at the History Calendar extension. History Calendar allows you to search and display entries by date using the floating calendar added to your History Page.

If you have a lot of history entries but can not remember the exact details about a website, then this great little extension lets you quickly narrow it down to the date you visited the site. From there you can quickly look through the entries for that day only to find what you are looking for.

Put Aero Glass Effect in Command Prompt in Windows Vista and 7

You might be worried listening, “Put Aero Glass In CMD Prompt in Win 7 and Vista?” Don’t get shocked, listening this statement. This is true. Now you can add a Aero Glass Effect in Cmd easily.  


Monitor Your Downloads in a Tab Instead of a Separate Window in Firefox

Are you tired of downloads displaying in a separate window when using Firefox? Then say goodbye to that extra window and shift it over to a tab with the Downloads in Tab extension.

Here are the options for the extension. You can switch it back over to the separate window when needed and control how your shiny new downloads tab works. Very nice.

Note: Works with Firefox 2.0 – 4.2a1pre.


Create Bootable USB

Create your own bootable USB drive to boot up your PC with Windows Vista, Server or Windows 7. It is a very cool software that allows you tu create a bootale USb easily. Just Brose for The ISO file or insert the Windows DVD and give command to create. Use and have fun…


  • Check USB drive (To check whether your USB drive is attached or not)
  • Format USB drive
  • Choose DVD or ISO image (To copy the required files to USB drive)
  • Start the process to create bootable USB drive



Ultimate Tool To Tweak & Modify Windows 7 Logon Screen

Logon WorkShop is a free portable tool for Windows 7 created by ~dejco at deviantART which not only lets you change your logon screen’s background but every single thing that you see on your logon screen. That is, you can change the button size, accessibility button location, other button’s placement, margins, user tile width & height, background overlay, text color, shadow and much more.

It comes with following sample logons:


Mac OS X Style Windows Alt+Tab Replacement

MacSwitch is a free portable tool that replaces the default Windows Alt-Tab style to Mac OS X style.

How To Use:

Install and run it and it will replace the default alt-tab style to Mac OS X style. To revert to the default style, press Alt+Tab, right-click on the dialog and select Exit. You can add its shortcut to your Startup folder so that it runs every time Windows starts.



Create Hotkeys To Do Anything

WinHotKey is a free tool that allows you to create your own hotkeys to:

  • Launch a program
  • Open a file
  • Open a folder
  • Automatically type something
  • Control other windows on the screen

For example, you can set Win+C to run Calculator and Win+N to run Notepad etc.


XP Mega Tweak Pack

Download this mega pack of Tweaks and boost up your Windows XP speed.