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How to Create a Virtual Drive?

A cool feature of Windows is the capability to create a virtual disk drive. A virtual disk drive is a special folder of an actual physical drive that actually serves as a drive in its own right. For example, you can create a virtual CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive in Windows. A key advantage of a virtual drive is that it usually saves time. So lets create a Virtual Drive my our own.


1. Click on Start button and then click Run. In Run command type in “cmd” The command prompt will appear.

2. Type in subst x: “C:\Program Files”3. => Replace the “x” with the name for your virtual drive you want to create. Keep in mind that this name is not assign with any other drive name.

=>C:\Program Files represents the particular directory of which you want to create your virtual drive. You                                 may give any other directory to your need.

  1. Once you enter your info into the command prompt, press ENTER and  your virtual drive will have been created. You can go to My Computer and view your new drive. However, if you shut down your PC now, it will be automatically deleted. Here’s a trick to make it permanent.


  1. Open  Notepad.
    Next, type subst x: “C:\ Program Files ” into your notepad. Now save the Notepad document as c:\autoexec.bat.(recommended save it in drive C only)
  1. Click on Start and then click Run. In Run command type in “regedit”. This opens the Registry Editor.
    In the left-hand side pane, browse to
    => HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => Software => Microsoft => Windows => CurrentVersion =>Run.
  1. Next, right click on the right-hand side pane. Click New String Value. Now type in “Autoexec” and then click Enter.
    Right click Autoexec and then click Modify.
    Type c:\autoexec.bat.
  1. Close your Registry Editor and restart your PC. And enjoy


LeopardXP on Windows

Download this beautiful LeopardXp transformation pack for your windows XP. This pack will convert your windows xp visual look to similar as Leopard. Use it, enjoy it and pass on your comments…

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Free 3D Screen Savers

1. Western Railway 3D Screensaver

Change  your desktop into a 3D world and enjoy an exciting journey across the breathtaking views of the western railway…!

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2. Galleon 3D Screensaver

This beautiful galleon from the Age of Great Explorations is crossing the dangerous ocean at full sail again. Through blistering sun and quiet nights blessed by the moonshine, through fierce gun battles and storms, it rushes to new lands

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3. Missouri 3D Screensaver

Get to the deck of one the most famous battleships in naval history which served from World War II through Desert Storm! Take a closer look at the Mighty Mo and enjoy stunningly-detailed animation of the ship sailing and crew at their stations

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Thomas Edision

Thomas Edison, one of the greatest scientist of the World.

Make Your Own Text to Speech Converter

I often wondered to make the TEXT to SPEECH. After a long time i was able to get a code from net, that was able to convert TEXT to SPEECH. You don’t have to do nothing. Just copy the code, paste it in the notepad and save it as texttospeech.vbs or any name but remember to give extension .vbs only.


Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox("What do you want me to say?","Text To Voice")
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak message



Enjoy your TEXT to SPEECH converter.